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Measuring the impact of ministry is sometimes easy, and sometimes not so easy. For example, when looking at the impact of Evangelism efforts we can study the rate of conversions as people give their lives to Jesus, or we can see how many drug addicts surrender their addictions after converting to Christianity. But when it comes to ministries like YWAM Organic, a primarily internet based ministry designed to inspire, encourage and challenge viewers to know that God wants to change their lives, it can be harder to measure. Here are some of the comments we have received from viewers who have been on our site. We appreciate hearing from you even if it is negative.

On YWAM Organic – The website in General:
"Hello YWAM Organic! I'm from Sweden and I'm almost sixteen years old, and I know God has called me to Missions. I love watching these videos, it's both encouraging and challenging! God Bless you and I'll pray for you. Please pray I will get to the place where God wants me, too! Thanks."

"...this site has rekindled something in me. -Meg"

"I am sooooooo impressed by what you are doing with this. It is EXCELLENT and gives me a wonderful way to share about what God is doing through YWAM and also it's great fuel for my own prayers... thank you - bless you my friend! Robyn"

"Well done YWAM Organic Team. This is excellent, providing a much-needed service. Keep it up."

"Thanks for sharing the newest featured YWAM Organic stories....a blessing and helpful to strengthen my prayer focus today for Uganda, Mexico and Iraq."

Hi! Congratulations for this web site! I am a young girl from Argentina. I invite you to visit my blog for christian young people. I don t feel the call to be a missioner, but I fell the call to give other people the word of God, I feel the call to be an example for young people, so they can follow God too. :)

"How can I volunteer for world mission for Christ through YWAM as a Teacher? Please help me to run the race set before me by God. I pray for open doors. God bless your ministry."

"Searching for Human Trafficking info. I came across YWAM Organic. I'd like to put together a blog/resource center to find Human trafficking info. Some friends and I are putting it together for the YWAM South East Conference (USA southeast conference). We're going to have a prayer time for Human Trafficking using a 4K floor map and praying for all the outreach locations for the SEC. I'm excited to see what comes from the prayer time. Perhaps new ministries will be birthed."

"Thanks for posting this and creating this site. Great to see what is happening around the world through YWAM!"

"It's awesome man,I watch your video and it's so inspire me a lot. I just start new ywam ministry in my place call Phitsanulok [Thailand], and I start church planting. When I looked at you guys video man, I would like that happen in my place too. Many people come to get the bible and read it. It's so great! Please pray for me. I start by mysel, and I would like to do DTS, SOFM and some teaching Bible course to in the future if God's will. Blessing."

We create information videos from time to time simply to share opportunities and needs that go beyond just YWAM ministries.

On "Turkey – The Other Holy Land:"
"I was truly blessed by this "balanced" presentation. I have special Muslim friends who come originally from Turkey. This video encouraged me in my witness to them. Thanks."

On Unreached People Group Profiles: Unreached People Group profiles offer the opportunity to find out about people groups our viewers may no know about, and then pray for them.

"This video was well done, and very informative and thought provoking. I would like to show it in my church."

The Bhil of India
"Thanks for this. I learnt something new today and gained another prayer subject."

"Very good information."

The Baluch
"Thanks, I was not aware of this people group. Each face shown on this video only reminded me of God's unfathomable love for his people."

Oaxaca, Mexico
"Thanks for the timely reminder to pray for these people - God hasn't forgotten them and now with this helpful feature we can pray for them better too, plus pray for those who minister among them."

Urban Ministries
"Thank you for putting this video up. Reaching cities remains the biggest challenge for missions in the next decades. There are cities like Delhi that are Super Giant in size and other cities that are much smaller but also just as important such as Ujjain or Ratlam as well as many cities in China and other nations." Tim Svoboda

Book Talk: Our Book Talk segments try to introduce thoughtful material that challenge our viewers to think about why we believe what we believe and what motivates us towards world Missions.

Interview with Bruce McCluggage
Wow! after the tears...I just wanted to take this class...this is truly Good News in the Neighborhood!

A Wind in the House of Islam – Book Review with Author, David Garrison
"I especially loved your interview with David Garrison about his new book being published and look forward to dipping into it when it hits the shelf here in Australia! Blessings on your work and team!"
Wisdom and Wonder

"I liked this very much...truly, good news in the neighborhood...showing us how real life applies every day to the Gospel, if we are intentional about our calling."

On YWAM Organic Issues Videos: Similar to our Book Talk Segments, We are also creating mini-documentaries that help to make us think about issues facing the worldwide church as we present the Gospel of Christ in meaningful and relevant ways.

The Christendom Church in a Post Christendom Era
"This video is a masterpiece, in design, format and all the technical details...the heart behind it is loaded with much truth and a good deal of tension, for me, in the Spirit." Anne

"Merci pour cet excellent reportage ! Cela continue d'alimenter mes réflexions : être porteur d'espoir tout en vivant les 2 pieds sur terre avec la manifestation surnaturelle de Dieu !"

"We come to a point , as evangelical Christians , that we have to humble ourselves and recognize that we have failed in reaching the people who doesn't know Christ by separating us from " the world" instead of being "in " the world to share our faith in a living way . Our Lord and Savior Jesus came "in" the world and has been such an example of compassion, grace, love and righteousness and forgiveness to reconciled the human being with the Father through the cross . It's time to follow his steps."
On YWAM Organic Ministry Videos: YWAM Organic features videos that highlight the various ministries we are doing around the world. Our goal is not just to show what we are doing but also to convey the message that being in Missions is as much about what God does IN us as it is what He does THROUGH us.

Better Together
"This video is so good and made incredibly well! The people in it share well through a personal and real way. it highlights how amazing community is, through high's and lows, and how doing life... is always 'Better Together'." Good Job team.

YWAM Melbourne
"This video was well done, and very informative and thought provoking. I would like to show it in my church."

A Voice in the Dark
This would be a great video to show college students or seniors who are looking for "mission" in their lives. I am thinking on this.

Baan Chan Childrens Home
"I will show this to my Bible Study Group which meets on Fridays...to see if any would like to take on some prayer for this ministry."

Shaman Redemption
"God is amazing. This video is so full of joy. Thanks for telling this story!!"

"An innoventive way of presenting! Its well done. The child's perspective and presentation style is refreshing."

On some of our YWAM Organic Articles: Most of the articles in this segment have been written especially for YWAM Organic though some of them are reprinted with the authors permission. Again, we choose articles and authors who write about how being in Missions is about what God does IN us as much as what He does THROUGH us.

Headlines to Heartburn – by Andy Butcher
"I was encouraged in reading Andy Butcher’s "Headlines to Heartburn" article (my co-worker in 1989- 1991!) and take to heart again to have a daily-prayerful attitude regarding news, and let God lead the way in sorting through my own ‘consumption’ levels and prayerful levels in all! Blessings."

All in – by Johnathan Merle
"Congratulations!...As a once retired missionary/career person/business owner...and now, at last, fulltime retired missionry on the move in my neighborhood as a "Good News" person, I am , as you say, "all in" and loving it ...It's been an incredible ride and worth every minnute of the suspense...keep on, keeping on! Blessings."

Choosing Flesh or God's Ministry – By Jon Matas
"Hi there! And may God's peace be with you! This article "Choosing Flesh or God’s Ministry" came in perfect timing, as I'm at that point where I need to choose a ministry to prioritize and fully focus on. I actually felt as well that the ministry I prefer to work on (where I know I'm good at and brothers/sisters let me know I'm good at) could not be the right ministry to be in since it's just what I want and could not be what God would want. But you're right, if my intention is to give back the glory to God through that serving then it shouldn't matter because in the end, serving in any of the church's ministry will contribute to the advancement of His Kingdom. I will also have the peace and freedom to serve joyfully, which the Lord is pleased upon - a cheerful giver. Again, thank you for this encouragement. May your good works touch more brothers & sisters in Christ Jesus and even would-be siblings in God's loving family."

What A Privelege – By Gareth Evans
"I liked this article very much because it reminds me of the basic truths of faith, obedience and grace as they relate to our walk with Christ...each season in life is a fresh opportunity to follow Him into the "neighborhoods" of God's calling for us...no matter what the age, education or obsticles. Thanks again for the encouragment."

Goodbye Christian America – Hello True Christianity – by Richard Stearns
"This is a wonderful article...very inspiring and doable at any level of Christian community...Good News in the Neighborhood, indeed! Who was helped more..the orphans in Sourthern Africa or the Christian community that very much needed to know they had a "mission" beyond their own concerns and comfort meeting needs and the real Jesus in the process!"

Good News in the Neighborhood – By Anne Scott
"Thanks as always for the fresh articles of YWAM Organic...enjoyed being refreshed at what is going on in Malaysia, India and Pattaya Thailand.... With blessings."

An Article from Tony Campolo
"Loved watching and reading Campolo's article. Keep up the great work!" Joseph Winger Senior Pastor

"Great article. I have been with YWAM since 93 and I whole heartedly agree. I love this tribe that I get the privilege to serve with."
"Great Article by Tony Campolo -- Keep up the Good work YWAM Organic"......Steve

"I was in high school when I first heard Tony Campolo give a challenge to missions. My life was radically changed. I have now served with YWAM for over 23 years and have loved EVERY minute of it. We have put these prayer strategies into practice at YWAM-Charlotte and we have seen individual lives, and the communities they live in, changed. What a privilege!"

Traveling Businessmen – By Jon Matas
"Great article! Truth spoken in writing!"

Requests: We often get requests for information regarding schools or announcements that are posted on YWAM Organic. We answer each of them within a day or two of receiving them, often sending them directly to the YWAM ministry they are inquring about.

"I have 6 months to spare from april maybe to september and i would love to volunteer. Am from zimbabwe"

"Hello there, My name is Abel I am from Ethiopia.I want to study in your school so please advice me. Thank you! Blessings Abel"

"How can i join in your program?"

"Looking for a Yucatan short term mission for my 3 teenage sons and myself. Faith development for all of us is a ky goal. Thank you."


"I invite you to come and do outreaches here in zimbabwe,pliz come and work with my church. From Bishop Eric Banda"

If you have questions or comments about anything you see on this site, you can contact here or on facebook.

YWAM Organic Articles


Posted: 03/11/2014 06:17am
By: Sitraka
Hello, i am surprised about your work,they are wonderful.Now, i am at the base Ywam potchefstroom, south Africa..i was inspired by your works to do the activities here.Thank you.God bless you!

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