School of Navigation and Seamanship

June 4 October, 2012
Have you ever had ships in your heart? Perhaps it has come up during intercession, or you were introduced to YWAM because of one of the ships. Then this opportunity might be for you!
Introducing YWAM's School of Navigation and Seamanship (SONS). Learn the ways of the sea from one of our Master Mariners so you can arrive onboard capable of standing a watch and being a valuable member of the crew from day one.
Ships in our mission have been around since 1972 when YWAM first pursued the Maori. The Anastasis came in 1978. The Good Samaritan in 1984, then later the Pacific Ruby & the Caribbean Mercy. The list goes on. Today YWAM has 5 locations with ship equipped ministries. Some up rivers, some in major oceans of the world. Townsville and Papua New Guinea, England UK, Caribbean, Amazon, Russia, Orange County, Alaska, Ukraine, the list is growing.
In Orange County, California, we were just donated a 60 foot twin mast tall ship, or ketch yacht, especially designed and commissioned to train in navigation and seamanship skills. This vessel will be used to gain all kinds of experience during the school.
Get the word out to any you think might have a destiny in ship ministries! This training is offered in 4 quarters with increasing qualifications as you progress. You can take one quarter or all four - it is a modular course. Become a Boat Master (Phase I in Orange County), become a Costal Yacht Master (Phase II in the UK.), become an Ocean Yacht Master (Phase III Tauranga, New Zealand and Phase IV in Townsville, Australia).
Our goal is to see a generation trained to serve on these vessels all over the world. Even if you don't think you would want to be a Master, the skills learned will serve you in ship equipped ministries no matter how or where you serve. Join us in preparing for the ships that are coming!

Call +1 949 444 2131, or email

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Posted: 05/31/2012 08:34am
I thank GOD for such a opportunity am highly in this as a ywamer
Posted: 02/18/2012 11:42pm
By: Ayankola michael yemi
this is great.i\'m highly interested in this as a ywamer.

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