The Waiting World - The Thai

The Waiting World series focuses its cameras on the Beautiful country of Thailand. Over 62 million people live here. Many social and economic pressures have brought about a hunger in the people which their current culture cannot satisfy. Less than ½ of 1% identify themselves as Christian. Is God calling you to Pray, Give or Go?

Duration 03:31 : : Published 2012-02-28


Posted: 03/05/2012 08:14am
By: Phil Porter
Hi, Thank you for highlighting the Thai as a frontier missions target. There is so much emphasis on the hill-tribes, that people often forget its the Thai themselves who are the most unreached. However, I do have mixed emotions watching this. Bangkok metro is actually more than 10 million. US State Dept site says 9.6 million. But as the narrator talks about the distinctness of Thai culture, the camera focuses on an Akha tribal person. That is not Thai. The hill-tribes are by far the most evangelized population in Thailand, with some groups being over 10% Chr. The vast majority of Chr in Thailand are the tribal people. It\'s the Thai themselves who are less than 1% Chr. I am grateful you\'re highlighting the Thai. And thank you for communicating that to the world. :-) Blessings, Phil Porter

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